Austin, TX


There was a weekend get away chance to Barton Creek Resort in Austin, TX and needless to say David and I took a full advantage of the opportunity. This beautiful city is located in the heart of Texas – about two hour drive from Dallas. Austin is very different from other cities in Texas like Dallas, Houston and San Antonio – if you’re looking to move to Texas for whatever the reason and have an option to move to Austin, take my word for it and move to Austin. You won’t regret it. We love taking a short road trip down to Austin for a weekend just to change the scenery and eat something awesome.

ImageWelcome to Austin, TX mural located South First and Annie

Michi Ramen was the first place we stopped by once we arrived in Austin. I have been searching for a good Japanese ramen place in Texas for awhile and could not spot any until I arrived in Austin. Their menu is very simple: you get to choose the thickness of the broth (light, regular and stout) and meat/veggie you would like in your ramen.


Atmosphere: Cozy and welcoming
Service: 5/5 (Servers had Ipad for receipt and signature – paperfree!)
Quality: 4/5

When it comes to food, I prefer something light for my stomach so I naturally went for Michi ramen with light broth and David ordered Sapporo with Stout broth.


The first time David had his Japanese ramen was in Japan, so his expectations are very high when it comes to the broth and consistency of the noodle. My first experience was in New York a restaurant called Ippudo, (after waiting for 2.5 hours) I enjoyed it a lot.

We both think that Michi Ramen is a must-try if you haven’t had Japanese ramen before. This place is by far the best ramen place I have tried in Texas. I love everything about the broth, consistency of the noodle, meat selection, fast service and even the paperless receipt by using the iPad. I hope you will enjoy the food as much as we did!


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