Korean BBQ



Name of the restaurant : Zigul Zigul Korean bbq restaurant
Atmosphere: Much smaller than other Korean bbq places, nicely decorated
Service: 4/5
Meat Quality: 4/5

Once David and I were seated at a table, we received two different menus – dinner menu (a book) and a laminated piece of paper with all you can eat choice A&B. David and I didn’t even open the dinner menu and went straight to examine the all you can eat option. This particular restaurant divided order options into A & B.

A includes basic pork belly (sam gyup sal), marinated pork belly, beef brisket, chicken teriyaki, marinated tender beef, marinated spicy pork, cow tongue, marinated pork neck meat. Under Chef’s choice list, there’s Rib finger, Kobe beef belly and cow cheek meat. Lastly, they offer squid and baby octopus. ($17.99/person)

B includes everything above plus Galbi, marinated Galbi and duck meat. ($24.99/person)

I personally love thinly sliced beef brisket and marinated galbi, since Galbi wasn’t offered under option A, but I settled for option A this time. (Will definitely try their galbi next time I go). If you’re not familiar with Korean bbq, always order non-marinated meat first and then move on to marinated meat because if the restaurant doesn’t change the grill as often as they should, the sauce from the meat will burn and cooking will eventually get more difficult. We asked them for beef brisket first and asked if we could keep the menu (the laminated paper menu) so we know what to order once we’re done with the beef brisket. Once we made the order, server brought the ‘ban chan’ (small side dishes) – included marinated vermicelli, chili paste (fermented bean paste called Sam Jang), kimchi along with 3-4 pretty good side dishes.

Beef brisket cooks real fast so it’s perfect to start the dinner. Once we were done cooking the meat, we moved all the meat from the grill on to our plates and ordered the second meat – sam gyup sal (pork belly). They changed the grill plate for us after every order, which was awesome. I don’t think a lot of restaurants change the grills that often for their customers since it requires a lot of grill plates and cleaning. Anyways, that was awesome. Then we moved on to marinated spicy pork, Rib finger and then Kobe beef belly.

My favorite meat was chef’s special meat: Rib finger and Kobe beef belly. Service was excellent and I love the smaller atmosphere with less noise. The place wasn’t filled with smoke, which was very nice as well. Overall, I give them 4.5/5 for Korean bbq.



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